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Frame Repair

Structural Integrity Restored: Expert Frame Repair Services

Jim Burke Collision Care is your ultimate destination for top-tier frame repair services. Our skilled technicians specialize in restoring your vehicle's structural integrity, utilizing advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to ensure a safe and secure repair.

Why Choose Our Frame Repair Services?

  1. Precision Craftsmanship: Our experienced technicians are masters in frame repair, employing meticulous attention to detail to bring your vehicle's structure back to its original state.

  2. State-of-the-Art Technology: Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and cutting-edge equipment, we accurately assess and repair frame damage with unparalleled precision.

  3. Shark Frame Measuring System: When it comes to frame repairs, having the right tools and data is of paramount importance. That's why we rely on the innovative Shark Frame Measuring System. This technology, utilizing ultrasound precision, guarantees both speed and accuracy during frame repairs. Using microphones and a centralized beam, the system takes measurements from pre-defined points on the vehicle, ensuring that your vehicle frame is expertly repaired within factory specifications.

Our Frame Repair Process​

Comprehensive Assessmenty

Thorough inspection helps us identify the full extent of frame damage, guiding us toward the most effective repair approach.

Expert Alignment

Utilizing precision techniques and specialized equipment, we expertly realign frames and unibodies to factory specifications.

Strengthen & Reinforce

In cases of severe damage, our skilled technicians reinforce weakened areas to restore your vehicle's structural integrity.

Types of Frame Damage We Repair:

  1. Minor Misalignments: Swiftly correct slight frame deviations to maintain your vehicle's stability and handling.

  2. Moderate Impact: From parking lot incidents to minor collisions, we skillfully restore medium-level frame damage.

  3. Severe Damage: Our expertise extends to complex frame repairs, ensuring your vehicle's safety and performance.

Why Address Frame Damage Promptly:

  1. Safety Assurance: Timely frame repair guarantees your vehicle's structural strength, ensuring optimal safety for you and your passengers.

  2. Prevent Further Complications: Ignoring frame damage can lead to more extensive problems, affecting other components and potentially compromising your vehicle's stability.

  3. Resale Value: Maintaining a sound frame enhances your vehicle's resale value, providing confidence to future buyers.

Experience Unmatched Frame Repair Excellence

We take pride in our mastery of frame repair. Whether addressing minor misalignments or complex damage, our skilled team in Bakersfield, CA is dedicated to restoring your vehicle's structural integrity and your peace of mind.

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