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Insurance Claims

Empower Your Repair Choice: Navigating Car Insurance Claims

​Insurance companies often recommend specific shops. These preferred repair centers collaborate directly with insurers and often feature automated payment procedures. You may be directed to one of these shops, but remember, you have the right to select any shop you prefer.  For that reason we work with all insurance companies to help our customers restore their damaged, stolen, or crashed cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Why Jim Burke Collision Care?

  1. Your Decision Prevails: Opt for us to retain control over repairs. We prioritize your car's well-being, not insurance preferences.

  2. Authentic Part Assurance: Genuine, OEM parts guarantee safety and longevity, sidestepping insurance-driven shortcuts.

Challenges with Insurers and Claims:

  1. Options Unveiled: Networks limit repair choices. Choose us for unrestricted, personalized solutions.

  2. Efficiency Restored: Bid insurance delays farewell. Our focus: rapid, efficient repairs, minimizing your time off the road.

What Sets Us Apart in Bakersfield, CA

  1. Your Ally in Claims: Count on us as your advocate, valuing your needs over insurers' demands. Quality repairs and your contentment drive us.

  2. Excellence Uncompromised: Our skilled techs use cutting-edge techniques and genuine parts for safety-driven, top-tier repairs.


Discover the Jim Burke Collision Care Difference

Your vehicle, your verdict. Opt for Jim Burke Collision Care to liberate repairs from insurance tangles. We aid you in navigating car crash claims and auto insurance intricacies, securing your car's finest care.


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